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Artificial climate incubator


product description

This product is suitable for plant growth and tissue culture; seed germination experiment; plant cultivation; nursery; microbial cultivation and preservation, medicinal materials, wood, building materials performance testing; insect and small animal breeding, industrial product quality inspection and other Use of constant temperature, light experiments.

LCD display PID controlled electronic thermostat incubator

LCD display PID controlled electronic thermostat incubatorFor more information on our equipments, please click here and contact our sales team.

Product Feature

1, The studio is made of high quality stainless steel processing, beautiful and easy to clean.

2, Use of intelligent microcomputer control system, with timing, alarm, over-temperature protection and other functions.

3, Brand compressor fluorine-free environmental protection refrigeration, fan cycle.

4,Use of transparent observation window designed to easy to observe changes in the contents of the box.

5, With many security measures to ensure experimental safety.

6, Customers can be carried out at any time within the box sterilization with ultraviolet sterilizing lamp.

7, Working environment temperature <26 ℃

Technical Parameter
Model Power supply Power Temperature range Illuminance Temperature fluctuation Liner size Depth*width*height      Exterior size Depth*width*height
RGX--80B 220V 50HZ 600W Bright light 10-60℃,without bright light 5-60℃ 0-6000LX ±1℃ 400×400×500 605×535×1025
RGX--150B 800W 400×500×750 605×635×1370
RGX--250B 1000W 500×550×900 705×685×1520
RGX--350B 1200W 580×600×1000 785×735×1620
RGX--450B 1400W 680×600×1000 885×735×1720
Company Information

Huanghua Xingchen Instrument Co.,Ltd. was founded at the beginning of the 21st century, it is a integrated modernized enterprise which includes research & development, production, sale and service.

Xingchen is specialized in producing and supplying scientific and laboratory instruments, mainly include Drying Oven series, Incubator series, Sterilizer series, Microscope series, Heating Plate series, Laminar Flow Cabinet series, Heating Mantle series etc., in which Drying Oven series and Incubator series are our leading products , which are quite powerful in the industry. Our products are widely used in the field of biologic pharmacy, sanitary and antiepidemic, environmental protection, and agricultural research etc..

Thanks to the excellent quality and sincere service, our company has won numerous clients both demestic and abroad.

LCD display PID controlled electronic thermostat incubator 

Packaging & Shipping

LCD display PID controlled electronic thermostat incubator 

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