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Electric blast drying oven

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product description

Overview of use:

Excellent design and novel style. The process is advanced, temperature-controlled, easy to maintain, easy to operate, export-type drying oven, suitable for drying, baking, melting wax, heat treatment in laboratories of industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes, medical and health units.


1. The outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying process. It has beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion and durability.

2The inner working chamber adopts French-style stainless steel or high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, adjustable stainless steel electropolished partition, and the corners are semi-arc, which makes cleaning more convenient.

3It adopts intelligent PID temperature control instrument, and the temperature control instrument has timing, over temperature alarm, dual screen display function, accurate temperature control and convenient reading.

4The Aviation Materials Research Institute Aviation High Temperature Sealing Strip is equipped with a lock-type elastic adjustment door lock to ensure good sealing and prevent heat loss.

5Good thermal insulation design, long-term high temperature operation, long service life, easy replacement, maximum green, energy saving and environmental protection.

6Independent alarm indication system, the temperature of the drying box exceeds the load automatically, and the temperature of the outer glass of the door can meet the European safety standards to ensure the safe operation of the experiment and ensure the safety of personnel.

7With leakage protection device (optional) to ensure the safety of workers and experimental items.

8The door is equipped with double-layer tempered glass, which makes it easy to observe the heating of the items in the work room at any time.

9The all-round heating technology ensures that the studio has good temperature uniformity.

10The unique geometric cavity clean design ensures the perfect protection of the sample.

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