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About  company introduction
Huangqi Xingchen Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd. is a large-scale laboratory instrument supplier integrating scientific research, production, distribution and wholesale. The company has a strong sales team, excellent professional talents and perfect after-sales service. It has established close cooperation alliances with many universities and scientific research institutions. We have accumulated many years of experience and won more and more with honesty and excellent service. user. We are attentive, we are dedicated, we are committed to providing a variety of laboratory solutions for more users, to be the largest and most complete one-stop laboratory equipment supplier in China. Star Instruments gradually expands from north to south. It plans to set up sales centers in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China in the next few years, and build a large network of national experimental instrument sales to provide more professional, safer and more convenient products for more users. .
Huangqi Xingchen Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd. The dry box of R&D is popular in the consumer market and enjoys a high status among consumers. The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. The dry box produced and sold by Huangqi Xingchen Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd. is complete in variety and reasonable in price. Huangqi Xingchen Laboratory Instrument Co., Ltd. has strong strength, re-credit, abide by the contract, guarantee product quality, and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety management features and the principle of small profits but quick turnover. Mission: Honesty, integrity, excellence, and strength. Philosophy: Be careful with our services and concentrate on our profession. Goal: Be the largest instrument manufacturer in China

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