chemical fume hood


Product Description

A ventilator is a laboratory equipment used in laboratory, which needs to discharge harmful gases and needs to be cleaned and discharged in the process of experiment.

The dust-free fire retardant high-density plate material is used as the framework. The experimentation area is made of stainless steel veneer and Surface Electro spray treatment. The surface is smooth and dust-free, beautiful, durable and durable.

2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price

Product Feature

A system of water, electricity, gas and ventilation is equipped with a multi-functional power supply to facilitate the use of other electrical equipment in the laboratory. The fast opening valve is used to facilitate the water use in the experiment. The front baffle is a movable glass door that can be moved up and down, and the top is a low speed pump, which can discharge the harmful gas in the experiment. The bottom of the working face is equipped with a stainless steel sink, which can discharge the disinfectant and experimental remnants from a row of water by water to keep the experimental environment safe and reliable.

 2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price

Technical Parameter





Exhaust velocity

0.25~0.45m/s Range adjustable

Influent pressure


Power supply

AC one-way 220V/50Hz

Maximum power







Workspace size





Outer size





Fluorescent lamp specification and quantity

20W×2 pcs

20W×2 pcs

20W×2 pcs

2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price

Company Information

2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price 

Huanghua Xingchen Instrument Co.,Ltd. was founded at the beginning of the 21st century, it is a integrated modernized enterprise which includes research & development, production, sale and service.

Xingchen is specialized in producing and supplying scientific and laboratory instruments, mainly include Drying Oven series, Incubator series, Sterilizer series, Microscope series, Heating Plate series, Laminar Flow Cabinet series, Heating Mantle series etc., in which Drying Oven series and Incubator series are our leading products , which are quite powerful in the industry. Our products are widely used in the field of biologic pharmacy, sanitary and antiepidemic, environmental protection, and agricultural research etc..

Thanks to the excellent quality and sincere service, our company has won numerous clients both demestic and abroad.

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2017 Chinses high quality 220V chemical fume hood price

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